3D Printing

DLP 3D Printing

Digital Light Processing 3D printing is a high quality high detail machine used forprototyping parts.  It is best used to gauge whether a part design is ready for tooling as it provides high tolerance and overall good representation of the design being printed.

 Available Materials
  1. ABS-like Photopolymer
  2. Rubber-like Photopolymer

Available Colors
  Cyan, Green, Red, Gray, Black, White, Orange


FDM 3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing is a medium to high resolution printing process that melts and prints a model layer by layer.  Benefits of this process is that it uses actual plastics that are typically molded with the downside of reduced resolution in comparison to other methods.  This process is typically best served with prints that don't have super thin walls or intricate features as the process is constrained by the nozzle opening size.

 Applicable Materials
  1. ABS
  2. PLA
  3. PET
  4. Nylon
  6. PC

Available Colors
Blue, Green, Black, Cyan, Clear, White, Red, Pink, Glow in the Dark Green, Yellow

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